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What Kinds of External iPhone Batteries Are There

The Apple iPhone has an astounding number of features and applications that make it the envy of all other Smartphones. However, the major problem that iPhone owners constantly face is the short battery life. When using the iPhone to browse the internet or watch videos or navigate with the GPS, a substantial amount of power is required to operate these features and this leads to the rapid draining of its power.

type-of-iphone-batteryThere are three different options that iPhone owners can take to help with the issue of the short battery life. The owner can opt to either use an iPhone battery case, an attached backup charger or a peripheral battery pack. There are big differences in these three types of external iPhone batteries and it is important that you review and pick the battery that is best suited to your preferences and typical iPhone usage. Despite the differences, they have all been made with one goal in mind: to prolong the battery life of the iPhone.

An iPhone battery case is just like any normal case for your iPhone, except that it contains a very small and highly portable iPhone battery. When the phone is placed inside the case, it will automatically draw any needed power from the battery, doubling its typical battery life. The iPhone battery case needs to be charged in advance of using it. Once attached, the iPhone will first use power from the external battery, preserving its own battery life for later. These cases are stylish and come in different colors. They also vary in terms of their capacity. Depending on your usage, we recommend buying a mid-level battery case instead of paying more for a case just because of how it looks or what brand name it features.

iPhone battery attachments are tiny devices that you clip onto the end of your iPhone to provide it with additional power. These attachments can range in capacity from giving you an additional 50% of your battery life to as much as 200%. They are designed to be easy to carry around, though they are not as highly portable as iPhone cases. For this reason, they tend to be more affordable and are a great option for casual iPhone users who occasionally find themselves needed extra power.

Peripheral iPhone Battery Packs are favoured by heavy iPhone users or iPad owners who need more power to charge their devices. These battery packs are often the size of a passport and attach to your iPhone by way of a USB cord. They can carry enough power capacity to completely recharge your iPhone battery up to 5 times. They also come in handy for users with multiple devices to charge as the USB power outlet can be used with a number of attachments for products such as GPS units, digital cameras, Bluetooth headphones, and other smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy or the HTC or Blackberry.

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